The 1st Annual Bucket List Gamers Awards - 2023

Ho Ho Ho and a very Happy Holidays to all our listeners!

We hope you're currently sitting with your feet up, a nice beverage on the go, watching some festive telly and getting ready for Santa to call!

Our present to you is this... the 2023 Bucket List Gamers Awards!

Unfortunately our recording platforms present to us was to not use the correct microphone during our last session, therefore Jay sounds particularly terrible. We've tidied it up the best we can, but sorry for the very obvious dip in quality!

But other than that, thank you once again for all the support this year, if this is your first episode listening to us then welcome, and we hope you have a great holiday period and new year!

The Bucket List Gamers will return in 2024!

This weeks episode is sponsored by Mayfly Games 'The Family'!

A 2-4 player crime-themed elimination game with an educational twist! Whether you choose to play as The Yakuza, Mafia, East End Gangsters or The Mexican cartel, the aim is simple; be the last gang standing!

Check out more information at and find out how to secure your copy!
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Creators and Guests

Having been friends since college, when Jay revealed plans for what would later become BLG, Eddie jumped at the chance to be involved. Eddie has been a gamer for as long as anyone can remember, citing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as his favourite of all time.
Coming from a writing background, having spent over a decade running WWEBlog, Jay decided it was time to go in a different direction. That direction was gaming and thus the Bucket List Gamers (and Bucket List Board Gamers) were born!
The 1st Annual Bucket List Gamers Awards - 2023
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