A Gorilla, a Bear-Bird Hybrid and a Secret Agent Walk Into a Bar... a RARE Special!

It's a RARE old affair on Episode 16 of the Bucket List Gamers Podcast as we look at THREE titles from the legendary British video game developer.

Break out your banana stash as we look at Donkey Kong Country (78), re-jig your jiggies in preparation for Banjo-Kazooie (64) and dust off your Dostovei to take on the epic N64 classic Goldeneye (10)!

In true Bucket List Gamers style we drift off into tangents about other games such as Earthbound, Conkers Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark.

Because someone will undoubtedly complain about it... we do have a few corrections to make regarding our lack of knowledge on Donkey Kong (particularly DK 64.)
  • Kiddy Kong featured in Donkey Kong Country 3, not Baby as we stated
  • There were 5 playable Kongs in DK 64
    • We forgot Chunky, and thought one of them was Dixie when actually it was her sister Tiny
We also couldn't find the Mr. Saturn noise, so we put the theme in instead (which is a lot nicer on the ears anyway!)


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Having been friends since college, when Jay revealed plans for what would later become BLG, Eddie jumped at the chance to be involved. Eddie has been a gamer for as long as anyone can remember, citing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as his favourite of all time.
Coming from a writing background, having spent over a decade running WWEBlog, Jay decided it was time to go in a different direction. That direction was gaming and thus the Bucket List Gamers (and Bucket List Board Gamers) were born!
A Gorilla, a Bear-Bird Hybrid and a Secret Agent Walk Into a Bar... a RARE Special!
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